MEDS: The Cure for a Lost Identity

April 5th, 2010

The art of design is just like medicine. In fact, ancient philosophers like Aristotle saw persuasive design as analogous to medicine.  Like medicine, art restores and preserves the health of your company. So before PixelLab begins any successful brand design we first seek out your company’s prescription. We seek out the MEDS – something that is:

  1. Memorable
  2. Effective
  3. Describable
  4. Scalable

PixelLab professionals attest that choosing a corporate identity is one of the most critical decisions a company must make. Public relations research has traditionally supported our belief – in terms of importance, corporate reputation research often suggests that top CEO’s view the marketing department on equal footing with the operations department.

Creating an identifiable brand lifts your company out of the cold public perception of automatic assembly, and communicates to your customers on a deeper, more personable level. When people see your logo, they will intuitively connect the brand’s design quality to the quality of your product or service.
IP:ADInfluential and Perceptible Advertisement. The logo as a standalone advertisement.

Every computer requires an IP address. The IP is the unique property of the computer that allows it to stand up autonomously and hold a dialogue with other computers. To talk to your customers, your brand needs to have the same autonomous design. We achieve this goal through the tool, IP:AD – Influential and Perceptible Advertisement.

IP:AD identifies your brand’s IP address. It ensures that your  connection and communication with your target market is uniquely achieved, so that your logo design operates as a standalone advertisement. To identify your IP:AD we analyze prospective designs to understand four things:

  1. The audience’s perception of a design, and the meaning that they ascribe to it.
  2. How that meaning influences emotions.
  3. How these emotions influence actions.
  4. How strongly these actions correlate to desired results.

The average American is exposed to over 3000 ads a day. How do you stay on top of your customers mind?  Brand Relevance. Branding is owning a slice of mental real-estate. No matter what you do, to make a difference you need to be remembered. IP:AD is our system of making you memorable.

LIC-SENSE: Loyalty, Integrity, Credibility.

The final phase of the brand development involves approving the brand with a PixelLab LIC-SENSE. Just like a acquiring a driver’s license, unless you exhibit a standard competency you will not be recognized as a capable driver. The final three criteria that we evaluate a brand for are:

  1. Loyalty – acquired by developing trust.
  2. Integrity – developed by demonstrating consistency.
  3. Credibility – the by-product of establishing trust consistently.

When satisfied, these criteria will enhance your company with a sense of community, connection, and communication. These 3 C’s are the result of having successfully acquired a LIC-SENSE. Similarly, if you don’t exhibit loyalty, integrity and credibility, your brand will not be LIC-SENSED to succeed.

Posted By: Kyle O'Brien

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