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Project Type
Augmented Reality
Completed in 2009
Flash, 3D Studio Max
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A Card Fit for the Claus

Looking to wow its clients for the holidays, PixelLab needed to do something creative, something worthy of Mr. Claus himself. PixelLab needed to let its clients know that they were more than clients – that they were appreciated as friends and neighbors. As with any good business, however, it was also important for PixelLab to convey something enticing about the brand and its service offerings. An impression needed to be made, but it needed to be sincere.

The Wow Factor

Instead of the traditional messages of good tidings, PixelLab decided the best way to show genuine appreciation was to make something unique and engaging; it needed the “wow” factor. Well, what could be more “wow” than an augmented reality Christmas card? Using symbol recognition technology, the developed cards would link with a custom website. Upon opening the card, the recipient would be instructed to A) turn on his/her webcam and B) visit a special URL. Once on the page the recipient holds up the card to the webcam, and suddenly on the computer screen a seasonal rendering is produced, complete with falling snowflakes and winter wonder. The card can be moved around, tilted, and brought closer or further to the screen, with the augmented virtual image moving in tandem.

A Confluence of Talents

As with many of its promotional material, PixelLab brings together numerous skill sets to create an impactful whole. The Christmas card combined web design, web analytics (to track user response), info graphics, print design, copywriting, 3D design, and the augmenting video design… all for an unforgettable and unprecedented effect.

The interactive card was sent to roughly 450 treasured contacts, of which roughly 80% ended up viewing the special scene awaiting them. Receiving extensive commendation and praise, PixelLab was able to sell its abilities without any “salesyness” whatsoever. The card spoke for itself, and was a tremendous success.

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