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A Worthy Identity

Blue Beamer is an innovative piece of software which enables its operator to use any cpu-based device to send out a programmable Bluetooth signal to people passing in the vicinity. The signal can appear on a mobile phone, for example, and present the owner of the phone with a prompt to download a special app, or view a customized advertisement, or even allow them to connect to the web like a wireless hotspot. The possibilities of the technology are endless, so PixelLab started working to create a worthy visual identity.

Rupturing Forth

Using the visual style of its Johnny Robot mascot as well as the GoKart software identity, PixelLab set its illustrators to work. Central to the appeal of the Blue Beamer technology is the ability to take a very basic CPU device and turn it into a powerful, revolutionary, and uncontrollably awesome appliance. For this reason, the image needed to encapsulate an almost werewolf-like “transformation” of the hardware. The illustration thus presents a somewhat simple, aging grey box, with a high-tech, beaming satellite dish rupturing forth from its innards. Like Sigourney Weaver’s alien bursting through the confines of its unfortunate host, the highly developed satellite dish is now free from its former constraints. The raw power of this transformation necessitated the installation of advanced tempered steel alloy brackets with which to clasp the device to the ground.

Visceral Effect

By taking old technology and turning into something exhilarating, Blue Beamer has many exciting applications. Every element of the iconic design was specifically employed to convey the tremendous potential unleashed by the software. Its vivid and illustrative identity conveys both power and transformation, letting prospective clients know that they’re dealing with something exceptional. This project highlights the importance of visual characterization, which allows Blue Beamer to quickly grab the attention of prospective clients.

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