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From Paper to Digital

Distributors of the cozy Hot Paws glove line, The Dotzert Glove Company was in dire need of a web presence upgrade. Dotzert needed an easy avenue for its retailers to connect with the company, allowing them to browse new product offerings and place orders securely. Furthermore, the design of the previous site was woefully outdated – it didn’t represent the brand’s high manufacturing quality nor its fun personality. As part of a larger strategic initiative to move from yesterday’s paper world to tomorrow’s digital world, Dotzert’s new web presence required a significant structural and visual overhaul.

A Better Site, Hands Down

From the ground up, Dotzert’s website was built anew. Where before there was pixilation, mid-90’s bullet lists, and center-justified copy, the new site would now contain high-res imagery, a fashionable interface, and left-justified copy. But, PixelLab didn’t stop there. It was important to portray the emotional effect one receives from a pair of well-built gloves– that of warmth and comfort. To this end, the site would be designed with a neutral tone set upon a background ever-changing with the seasons. The craftsmanship of the products would be further emphasized, attracting cold hands from all across North America.

Order Time

New functionality of Dotzert’s site would include a comprehensive order management system – allowing its vendors to browse products and purchase on a wholesale level. To support this crucial feature, a flexible and easy to use CMS was included, allowing Dotzert to update product photos, descriptions, options, and prices at their whim.

Ready for the Elements

With a complete rejuvenation of its online identity, The Dotzert Glove Company is now dressed to impress, and PixelLab has been able to provide warmth and comfort to a company dedicated to that very purpose.

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