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The Need

Sensing a market need for a new, approachable, powerful online shopping cart software, PixelLab needed to come up with an equally approachable product name and brand image. Before the software was developed, a recognizable identity was required.

Start Your Engines

The answer? goCart – a fast, fun, and relatable name for what is shaping up as a revolutionary e-commerce system. The name goCart conveys speed, flexibility, simplicity, and even enjoyment. PixelLab desired a software system which business owners and site operators alike would find pleasing to use. After all, selling things should be fun!

After determining a name, PixelLab’s designers set about creating a friendly, tricked-out, anthropomorphic driving machine as the brand mascot. Produced of only the finest steel and advanced composite materials, the goCart mascot represents the pinnacle of human engineering, with a horsepower output rivaled only by its fuel-efficiency. After several Italian auto companies tried to steal the design, PixelLab knew it was on to a winner.

Product Personality

The design of the goCart mascot involved a careful balance between simplicity and detail. While the style is emblematic of a friendly animated character, the rendering of individual components, the shading, and the personality all convey a complete and detailed whole. With the lethal combination of a friendly, adorable mascot combined with industry-leading system architecture, goCart is ready to take on the competition and the Italians are just going to have to deal with it.

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