Our WorkJohnny

Project Type
Character Development
Completed in 2008
Design, Illustration, 3D
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The Design: Johnny

Meet the internet’s most lovable content manager, Johnny. Typical content managers drain the life out of your web experience. Not Johnny. His generous intelligence, friendly attitude, and robust work ethic add vibrancy to your web managing experience. Yet, it may startle you to learn this, but in many other creative environments this compassionate cartoon friend of ours would have never had the chance to survive.

The Invention: Johnny’s Journey

Upon learning of their assignment to liven up the online world of webediting, PixelLab artists got hard at work inventing an array of career opportunities for Johnny. Like quantum physicists, they contemplated all possibilities. One of the possibilities even foresaw Johnny as a virtual driver’s seat – an all-in-one online control panel with power steering, anti-lock brakes, and roadside assistance. This first stop of the invention process would usually be the last stop for most designers. Luckily for Johnny, the PixelLab artists agreed that this was too cruel a fate for a soul unborn, so they gave him arms, legs, a heart made of pure inspiration, and a never say never attitude.

The Process: Johnny’s Maturation

From thereon the artists worked tirelessly to bestow Johnny with a personality that would say, “I’m confident, talented, and ambitious, and when the day’s done I like to spend quality time with my family. Life is great!” But life wasn’t easy for Johnny. He faced many trials throughout his youth. Like all of us he had an emotionally turbulent teenage phase; his baggy suspenders and sideways baseball cap put his creative designers on edge. However, the artists persisted, their vision was fulfilled, and one day the fully grown adult Johnny leaped onto the PixelLab page where he has since lived happily ever after.

The Result

Johnny wears his PixelLab belt proudly as he greets you to the world of PixelLab. I bet If you had the chance to sit down and have a coffee with him, not only would you be impressed by his outrageous appetite for sugar, but he would probably also entertain you for hours with his heartwarming tales about his adventure into this world, and the industrious agency that made it all possible.

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