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Project Type
Web Application
Completed in 2010
Design, Programming
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Los Cabos Aqui

The web is all about content, but sometimes it’s difficult to find. PixelLab was approached to create a niche “stock” site for photography and written articles relevant to Los Cabos, one of the most beloved resort destinations in Mexico. The idea was that when people publish information about Los Cabos, they don’t necessarily want to fly there to obtain the required media (well, maybe they do, but such travelling is time and cost prohibitive). As new media gains popularity, such repositories of high-quality, tailored content will become increasingly important, so the new site needed to be attractive and professional, naturally.

Replicating Tranquility

When one thinks of an idyllic Mexican resort, one thinks first of complimentary tequila, and then second of sunsets, beaches, and heavenly pleasantness. PixelLab decided to focus on the second consideration, and went about developing a clean, relaxing, leisurely layout – a website almost as pleasing as Los Cabos itself. From navigation to functionality to aesthetic allure, this scenic repository was to mirror the feeling one gets from a stroll down the beaches of Baja.

The Creation of a Marketplace

Tranquility, however, rarely makes money. The site’s behind-the-scenes marketplace had to effectively liaise between providers of content and buyers of content. Simplified account creation, organization, and media navigation were crucial development goals. As the site came together, the client’s enthusiasm grew, and upon soft launch preliminary invitees have been thrilled with the result. Now, photographers and writers on the ground (or on the beach) in Los Cabos can efficiently present their content to magazines, travel agencies, websites, and other buyers located around the world.

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