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Custom Illustration
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From Screen to Paper

Complementing its new community website, Medea Monologues required a promotional flyer that could help spread the word about the organization. The flyer needed to be applicable for either digital or printed distribution. Brand consistency was important, so the symbolism and color regimen was to closely resemble the website. Also like the website, the flyer needed to be based on information gathered in the Medea’s Treatment Document. Specifically, in the founder’s own words, “the initial impression should be powerful, summarized in a memorable or motivating sentence, phrase, or painting.”

Reproducing Serenity

PixelLab oriented the flyer around the custom illustration found on MedeaMonologues.com. This illustration was developed from the founder’s own vision, conveying an abstract, tranquil landscape. While the website had successfully conveyed the founder’s vision, the flyer could not be an identical copy – its design required careful thought and implementation specific to that medium. Because design must be tailored to its application, and the flyer needed to be easily printable, the background had to change from green to white. Information was then laid out tastefully, balancing the illustration and connecting through color. With the logo’s feminine curves capping the top of the design, Medea’s flyer effectively reproduces the gentle brand for a very functional purpose.

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