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Custom Wordpress Integration
Completed in 2009
Design, Custom Wordpress plugin and theme, Custom PhpBB theme
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A Place for Mothers

Medea Monologues is a self-described “creative space of telling and listening in which women who choose to be mothers come together to share their learning, their growth, and their expansion in order to create acceptance and allowance for women’s choices, emotions and experiences.” As a forum through which women candidly discuss the many facets of motherhood (including women who choose not to be mothers at all), Medea Monologues required a website to promote its message, inform of events, and cultivate a female community which would interact both online and off. The group needed a way to come together, tell their stories, and share their voices.

Symbolism and Treatment

Central to Medea Monologues was the idea of being religiously and ideologically neutral. Medea’s online presence would need to present an impartial identity. Furthermore, while oriented around women and the very feminine phenomenon of childbirth, it was important that the website avoid “girliness;” a mature, reflective, womanly personality – without clichés – was PixelLab’s challenge.

Much of the groundwork for the project involved the creation of a “treatment document.” This document engaged the founder of Medea Monologues in an extensive dialogue to ascertain the feeling and impression she wanted to be conveyed by the site. After much discussion, the team arrived at an overarching idea – that of the “sacred feminine” and the symbolism with which it is surrounded. Avoiding religious connotations, the artistic direction of the website would utilize symbols such as the rose, birds, nature and water, the triangle, and the number three. Such symbols were very subtly placed throughout the site’s custom illustrative artwork; so subtle, in fact, that most visitors would not recognize them as evocative. The green-toned theme was chosen to represent both a neutral feminine color as well as the color of nature and life. These layers of hidden meaning give the website depth and personality, which was another important theme in the Medea Monologues concept.

Off-Stage Support

From a technical standpoint, the site was built using a completely customized Wordpress template. This was done in order to implement a pre-built content management system (CMS) and reduce the expense for the client. While Wordpress was used as the engine behind the site, a number of plug-ins were built from scratch to ensure the site met all client requirements. A forum and blog were built into the system, helping to foster a sense of community surrounding Medea’s real-world events.

The Birth of a Community

Medea Monologues’ founder was thrilled with the result. Traffic on the site has steadily grown and the performances have been gaining attendance and a wider community. By presenting a deep, serene, thoughtful visual space through which newcomers can learn about the organization, Medea Monologues has been able to attract its target audience and, most importantly, help mothers interact, inform, and learn from each other.

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