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Mobile Development
Completed in 2010
CMS Development, iPhone, Blackberry & Java Development
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Building a Better Builder

One of PixelLab’s clients requested a web application that was able to create software for mobile devices. Their goal was to provide members of their creative team, those who lack programming knowledge, the tools to transform their mobile ideas into custom solutions to be offered to clients. To put it simply, PixelLab was asked to create a program that could be used by novice computer users to create other programs, like a plug-n-play machine that builds other machines. This program was named Mobile Guides.

The Duality of Design

From our designers’ standpoint this project required a melding of two different design interfaces. First, PixelLab was required to invent a functional back-end interface that was comprehensive yet comprehendible. This interface would be used by staff to simply, quickly, and efficiently create the custom applications.Then, a front-end interface was to be designed specifically for end users. PixelLab levied the task and created a well sewn conversion process between the actions of the application creator, and the reactions of its user.

Programming a Rosetta Stone

After consolidating the client’s application requirements, PixelLab programmers began assembling the application builder to include industrious customization controls, natural menu organization, and a flexible ad management interface. While the program alone was an ambitious project, the PixelLab programming teams also had to ensure that the exported application was compatible with all mobile platforms. In the end, the Mobile Guide software receives the commands of the application creator, translates them into different programming languages, and exports bug-free software packages. You could call it our Rosetta Stone for the application world.

Web Production Simplified

Our client was thrilled with the end result. Their dreams of mobile development were harnessed, and the goals of their client base can now always be reached. Mobile Guides delivered a custom solution that reduced production costs, increased profitability, and granted more power to the client’s creative teams.

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