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Social Network
Completed in 2010
Design, XHTML/CSS, Flash, Programming
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About This Project

For one of PixelLab Interactive’s more complex projects, Mezza Financial approached us to create a new music community-based web application. The proposed project included six different user types, fully customizable profile pages, personal online stores, music uploading and downloading, charts and ranking systems, full address book and mail functionality, and more. Music Reach was to put fans and professionals in the same online location, and to outshine competitors with an elite user interface design, and never seen before, all-inclusive functionality.

Investigating Ingenuity

First, PixelLab staff sought to identify the weaknesses of current music networking web applications. We conducted research by interviewing, musicians, managers, listeners, and bands to determine what types of functionality would be useful, and what types of functionality should be tossed away. PixelLab’s goal was to create a flexible web application where all design features contributed invaluable usability to the online experience. Upon collecting a long wishlist of site features, our developers began plotting out the enormous task.

Refining Complex

The second step in this project was to completely explore the project’s full design scope. The PixelLab team spent days analyzing the smallest details to investigate all potential conflicts. This project included multiple divisions of e-commerce, various user types, and user-specific options, and therefore a huge array of site combinatorics. The team then defined the work into three main phases to help compartmentalize these tasks.

Dissecting a Juggernaut

As designers perfected the optimal user interface, developers began completing their phases and each phase’s subordinate parts. Tasks were completed methodically to ensure infrastructural integrity. Then, after finalizing the interface design, our programmers began piecing the programming megalith together. After diligent programming and integration, the team completed the project with a scrutinizing, cross-platform bug testing to weed out any potential irregularities.

Music Utopia

When Music Reach was completed, the music industry was provided a total solution to online music, event, and merchandising sales. With our help, Mezza Financial was successful in appealing to the niche categories of the music industry, and in creating an aesthetically enjoyable, buzz-worthy collective of online music communities.

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