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Time to Renovate

In order to more professionally present its brand, Paramount Painting engaged in a multi-part project with PixelLab. One part of this project was the renovation of its logo. Paramount sought to transcend the impression of a “local painting company,” preferring to develop an identity to which larger prospective clients would pay attention.

However, it was important to Paramount that the brand equity developed over the preceding years was not diminished. The logo revision therefore would need to upgrade the look without changing the identity… a goal familiar to plastic surgeons, in fact.

Precise Upgrades

It was determined that four components of the logo required modification, the saw blades, the paintbrush, the typeface, and the color scheme. The saw blades were removed, as they visually clashed with the paintbrush and paint streak above (the advanced KISS principle was herein utilized – Keep It Simple, Stupid). For the paintbrush, a new graphic was illustrated which blended with the brand colors and contributed to a more cohesive feel. Then, the font (previously a standard, freely available font) was rebuilt from scratch, modified in several ways to help unify the logo as a whole. Finally, the logo was reduced to one color, making it easier for branded marketing applications such as t-shirts and flyers.


After the reconstructive surgery, Paramount Painting’s logo was more professional looking while retaining all of its original familiarity. No current customers would be confused by the new look, and new, higher-profile clients would be more comfortable dealing with the company. With its stronger brand, Paramount is now accelerating its growth and plans to open franchise offices in the near future.

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