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Project Type
Video Production
Completed in 2009
3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects
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Overcoming the Catch-22

As a new company in the world of new media creation and marketing, PixelLab needed to overcome the “newbie” stigma. Yet, without portfolio work to show prospective clients, how would new business be won? Without new business, where would the portfolio work come from? The Catch-22 had to be broken. PixelLab needed to produce something impressive, something to demonstrate the professional, cutting-edge talents of the team… something to create an impactful first impression.

Walking the Walk

Flashiness and technical impressiveness wouldn’t be enough. PixelLab needed to demonstrate its cohesive, brand-oriented production abilities. It needed to demonstrate the poetry and deeper meaning behind a piece of promotional marketing collateral. Furthermore, the piece needed to illustrate the ability of PixelLab to move beyond great concept (i.e. talking the talk) to great execution (i.e. walking the walk). After the brainstorm had moved along its thundering path, an idea had taken root in the newly nurtured soil. The concept was simple and to-the-point: use motion graphics to demonstrate a meaningful metaphor about the creative process through the formation and combination of pixels (an obvious brand connection).

Impact Creation

In the world of digital design, pixels are the elemental building blocks – arranged well and something magical is born, arranged poorly and you have a mess on your hands, or even something radioactive. PixelLab’s proposed “trailer” video would emblemize how, with the right pieces, the whole can be much greater than the sum of its parts. As each pixel forms, it endeavors to find its place in the chaotic environment of creation. Through this process, structure is built and order is attained, resulting in a gleaming finished product… PixelLab’s logo.

Booming with Polish

The concept worked and was executed beautifully. Appearing more like a big-budget Hollywood production than a start-up design agency promo out of Waterloo, Ontario, the 24-second clip booms with energy and polish. Well-received by early clients, the trailer successfully conveyed the talent and professionalism of PixelLab, and helped the agency win the hearts and minds of some of its first clients.

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