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Custom Wordpress Theme
Completed in 2010
Design, Custom Wordpress Theme
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Making Patents Beautiful

SESTAR Technologies is a humble company with grand vision. Seeking to be “a world leader in the development and dissemination of sustainable technology for the benefit of humanity,” the company needed a fresh, inspiring website. Seeking something without fancy features or complex functionality, SESTAR handed PixelLab a Word document with some product descriptions, a logo, and said… “begin! This green tech company seemed intent on ensuring that PixelLab would follow through with the company’s principle of “do more with less.”

A Website for an Advancing Planet

PixelLab first needed to develop further the SESTAR brand. Having only a logo to guide them, the team produced several concepts for the site identity characteristics. Green is the new red, and when it comes to eco-companies, the color is instantly relatable to the audience. With green tones decided, PixelLab designed the site around a large, beautiful panorama of lush hills against a picturesque skyline. Across the photo, a clean and powerful statement – “Technologies for an Advancing Planet.”
From a technical perspective, SESTAR didn’t require anything fancy. Set up essentially as an effective and attractive corporate brochure, the website needed only an effective content management system (CMS). As the visual design came alive, a CMS was produced allowing SESTAR admins to quickly and easily edit the content, products, and corporate details of their website.

Designed with SurfPlasma in Mind

With a website as stunning and sustainable as their technology, SESTAR can now present itself as a company with its head in the clouds but with feet firmly on the ground. Whether promoting biodegradable bags, eco-friendly conducting film, solar powered organic photo cells, or “SurfPlasma” (yeah, we were curious also), the company’s site helps the rest of the world move into the future.

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