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Project Type
Online Store
Completed in 2009
Design, XHTML/CSS, Flash, Programming
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About This Project

Solace Beeswax Candles approached PixelLab to redesign their website to capture the atmosphere of their product, and to boost the functionality of their online store. PixelLab analyzed the product and determined that the candles required a virtual environment that amplified the natural benefits of beeswax candles.

Art & Design

To achieve this goal PixelLab’s art department developed a sketchbook prototype of the proposed design. Elaborating on the environmental qualities of the candle, PixelLab inked a serene mountainside landscape parted by an active, rolling river and a receding skyline of trees. After the sketch was confirmed with the approval of Solace, the concept was then transferred to the graphics department.

Graphic artists created a digital recreation of the sketch and infused the drawing with the soothing colours of an autumn sunset. A slight touch of animation was added to simulate burning candles, and the overall effect of this first design phase accented the beeswax website into an articulated transmission of the real world experience.

Web Development

This initial concept framed the remainder of the site’s development. Upon developing the artistic theme of the site, the structure of the site was expanded to frame the advertising copy into an easily accessible interface. Understanding the product’s niche market, PixelLab sought to help boost sales by making the online store the touchstone pillar of the design. As users navigate through the site’s content the store is always on deck to quickly facilitate orders.

The Final Product

The site’s thorough development process results in a well-centered messaging that ignited the online sales of Solace Beeswax Candles. Customers are buzzed by the immediate warmth of the page, and stung with a pollinated desire to purchase the experience embodied by the design.

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