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Brand Conscious

PixelLab loves partnering with innovators. When urban music apparel brand SwaggerLikeUs needed a site to compliment the launch of their pioneering line, PixelLab was all too happy to make it happen. SLU needed an online store for their apparel, but an average, unexciting e-shop would’ve done more harm than good to their brand image. Catering to a young, fresh crowd of pop music and urban fashion enthusiasts would require something “cool,” as the kids say these days.

Style Loves Company

SwaggerLikeUs produces apparel with lyrically-licensed designs; distilled truisms and snippets of cultural observation rendered in full color. With music and art at the center of the brand, PixelLab designed a stunning collision of clean lines and urban style. The design is both bright as well as dark, it’s professional without being corporate, and it offers a pleasant user experience without admitting that it’s doing so.


To further customer engagement with the brand, the site provides social networking functionality, allowing fans to meet each other and help guide the apparel from street level. With an online space now worthy of its inventive apparel brand, SLU is able to broaden its reach and bring its fusion of music and art into the spotlight.

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