Our WorkUrsponsored.com Mascot

Project Type
Character Development
Completed in 2009
Design, Illustration, 3D
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About This Project

Brewed in blue, Ury is the loyal mascot of Ursponsored.com. Read on to learn about Ury’s adventure from an unemployed 2D stargazer, to the world’s most versatile, online Master of Ceremonies.


Billed as “The World’s Largest Stage” UrSponsored requested an iconically neutral, yet friendly mascot that embodied the site’s spirit for film production. PixelLab designers quickly got to work at deciphering this enigmatic task, and after some time spent fiddling with gradients and colour swatches, the designers all stopped to marvel at the sight of a roughly sketched, companionable, genderless being, whose body extended from a giant play button.


Instantly amused by the creature’s odd yet cordial appearance, our designers enthusiastically introduced the newly born Ury into the third dimension. Piece by piece they transformed the little blue critter out of its ugly 2D shell, and began the painful-to-watch chore of molding, contorting, and reattaching Ury’s 3D limbs to his (her?) portly body. Thankfully, Ury was unusually proud of the weight gain, and our designers rejoiced as the budding star danced in the limelight of life.


With their hero poised to introduce the world to the Ursponsored world, PixelLab designers noticed one small problem with the charming incarnation. Ury was a little – to say it politely – naked. The designers rummaged around the prop room and pulled out a tie, briefcase, boxing gloves, mallet, soccer ball, and video camera, all of which garnered Ury’s unfettered enthusiasm. Relaxed, our designers applauded another job well done, and to this day Ury can still be seen dancing throughout the Ursponsored universe, introducing new users to the world’s largest stage.

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