Our WorkVelvet Touch Commercial

Project Type
Video Production
Completed in 2010
Video Production, RedAlert, Final Cut Pro, Motion, 3D Studio Max
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In Need of a Facelift

PixelLab was approached for the production of a worldwide commercial to increase awareness and sales of Velvet Touch. As a natural, razor-free method for hair removal, the product had received positive reviews but remained limited in its distribution (despite the fact that it had been on the market for some time). The client, Beauty Maid, sought to improve the product’s image and brand identity, feeling it was somewhat behind the times. Velvet Touch needed to be more appealing and more competitive.

A Revolution in 20 Seconds

To achieve the desired result, PixelLab’s general strategy was to portray Velvet Touch in a clean, professional manner. More specifically, since the hassles of traditional shaving include the mess and time commitment, the ad spot needed to push the “messlessness” of Velvet Touch and its quick, convenient nature. With only twenty seconds for the ad, PixelLab had to convey multiple messages implicitly at the same time.

Meeting of the Minds

Over the course of several weeks, PixelLab utilized almost every skill set available, developing the script and storyboard, reserving equipment, hiring an actress and voice over artist, and liaising with a producer. As the storyboard developed, PixelLab’s motion graphics team stepped into to provide a polished, professional feel. The art direction of the commercial was crucial, with a delicate balance between warm, friendly colors and a clean atmosphere.

International Success

Beauty Maid’s twenty second Velvet Touch commercial exceeded all expectations. By presenting Velvet Touch in a clean, professional light, the product transformed from a checkout-counter gimmick into a new, revolutionary hygiene product ready for mass market appeal. The client was extremely pleased with the results, and in fact the ad’s success has opened up new markets across the ocean. Velvet Touch can now be seen throughout the Middle East and sales increased within just weeks of the campaign’s commencement.

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