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An Amusement Park for the Mind

WonderWorks, a unique chain of “amusement parks for the mind,” is best known for its life-sized upside-down buildings perched chaotically on the side of the road. This incredible real-world attraction needed a worthy digital-world counterpart. While the company’s current website provided the basic information needed for operation, its dated look was just not able to attract and hold the imagination of visitors.

A Wonderful Working Website

Using the emblematic upside-down building as a mascot, PixelLab set out to redesign WonderWorks’ website from the ground up. Through the artwork on the home page, the new site sought to convey part of the narrative behind the confusing structure. Previously random attractions were given a story, and the site’s functionality was simplified to present a more fun-loving, youthful image. More importantly from a business perspective, the site was professionalized to help gain visitors’ trust and, of course, their credit card numbers. Finally, short video clips were thumbnailed upon the homepage to ensure visitors could easily figure out what the park was all about.

Attracting Imaginations

With the future implementation of the new site, WonderWorks’ online presence will move beyond a basic point of contact to become a powerful marketing tool. Attracting the imagination of kids and the confidence of parents, the new WonderWorks website should turn almost as many heads as its infamous inverted edifice.

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