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How We Construct Digital Media Solutions

To build something solid, a process is needed. To execute any worthy project, thoughtful planning must be undertaken. A solid foundation must be laid. A proper order must be established. One should not place a roof upon walls not yet built. One should not set carpet upon a floor not yet completed.

PixelLab is a creative firm, and while we rarely channel curtain drains or plaster drywall, we rely on the time-tested principles of construction to build products that are solid, logical, and lasting. When you work with us, you can trust that the result will be worthy of a true craftsman.

Every project we build follows the PixelLab Process:

  1. Stage 1 – Discovery

    1. Project Initiation – The idea for a project is hatched
    2. Vision – The dream is described; more art than science
    3. Personal Requirements – What will the primary users need?
    4. Technical Requirements – What does the system demand?
    5. Planning for the Build – Who’s involved and on what timeline?
  2. Stage 2 – Preconstruction

    1. Permits and Paperwork – Agreements signed and formalities resolved
    2. Kick-Off Meeting – Internal role and responsibility identification
    3. Further Discussion – Both sides submit and answer questions
    4. User Demographics – Analyze the dynamics of all possible inhabitants
    5. Target Strategy – Marketing and launch tactics are developed
  3. Stage 3 – Foundation and Framing

    1. User Scenarios – How will the inhabitant interact with the environment?
    2. Interface Architecture – The ideal visual layout is extensively researched
    3. Wireframing – Architectural blueprints are created and reviewed
    4. Blueboxing – Mini-prototypes of specific systems are built
    5. Graphic Design – Visual style and aesthetic components are created
    6. Prototyping – A model is built, allowing the client to visualize the final product
    7. Design Finalization – After feedback, the aesthetic design is approved
  4. Stage 4 – Internal Systems

    1. Database Development – Creation of an efficient data storage system
    2. Programming – Original technical elements are built
    3. Testing – An exhaustive internal investigation of every system is conducted
    4. Feedback and Review – Client is shown a preliminary working version
  5. Stage 5 – Finishes, Inspection, and Handover

    1. PixelLab Quality Inspection – Rigorous inspectors examine every detail
    2. User Acceptance Testing – Client reviews to ensure the vision has been achieved
    3.  Delivery of Project – Keys are handed over in an organized package
    4. Post-Construction Support – Client is eased into the new surroundings
    5. Manufacturer’s Warranty –Every piece of the product is guaranteed

As with any intricate development, process is key. Contact Us to learn more about the PixelLab Process and what it can do for your organization.

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